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Trampoline Parks New Game Project—Spider Tower

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Autor : MiFo
Updatezeit : 2020-04-17 10:31:02

Spider Tower

Spider Tower is a kind of amusement equipment made of high quality thickened steel and nylon safety net, and there will be a trampoline or sponge block near 1.5 meters high at the bottom as the stress surface of the player. At the same time, the equipment is usually seven layers high, each layer 70 cm, entertainment can also exercise the patience and courage of participants. 

There are two main ways to play.
The first is that participants fall from the top layer by layer, which is more exciting, but also dangerous, and needs careful consideration.
The second is for the participants to climb up from the bottom layer along the gap in the middle of the elastic net to the top layer.

Sure, in any kind of game in the trampoline park, we should wear loose clothes, non slip socks with grips, and protect our health so that we can have more fun. And MiFo grip socks will be your best choice!
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A few months after the epidemic ended, China's economy and daily life had returned to normal. Many entertainment venues have gradually reopened. The trampoline park is one of the main places for entertainment. And they're back in business now.
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